Ani-Mayhem Online

Ani-Mayhem Top 12 Cards

by Todd Harrick

Scan of 'Royal Librarian' Ani-Mayhem card

1. Royal Librarian (Flash Effect)

Without a doubt, this is tops among all of our playtesters as the single most useful card in the game. It may not be as flashy as the big-ticket bonus cards, but what good will they do if they never get into your hand? This is the puppy that can make sure they will. Secondly, it's the closest you'll come to having a wish that lets you wish for more wishes since if you use 3 of these, you can use the first to pull the other 2. If you're lucky, RL can serve up a custom draw pile 10 cards deep.

Scan of 'Wrath of the Eye of God' Ani-Mayhem card

2. Wrath of the Eye of God (Flash Effect)

On the other hand, there is something to be said for big-tickets, and this is the mother of them all. Destroys any card in play except Havens.

3. Angel of Mercy (Flash Effect)

This will get that card that just got Wrathed back for you.

Scan of 'Combat Training' Ani-Mayhem card

4. Combat Training

Pay attention to any card that affects all of your Characters. This is a quick and easy boost to keep you from getting blasted early in the game. It doesn't have any requirements adn you can use up to 3 of them.

Scan of 'Tsunami' Ani-Mayhem card

5. Tsunami

This is the last of the big power players to make the list and it's just too impressive to ignore. There are a couple of negatives to Tsunami. First, your Characters can't act individually when they're on the ship and a well-equipped team can generally outgun Tsunami. Second, once you pull her out, you are immediately the target of every other player in the game. But for a few turns of sheer cowboy antics, she can't be beat. Hint: watch for restrictions in the future.

Scan of 'Equipment Breakdown' Ani-Mayhem card

6. Equipment Breakdown

Useful if one of your opponents decides to pull out Tsunami.

Scan of 'Kasumi' Ani-Mayhem card

7. Kasumi

Usefull if you've got Tsunami and your opponent tries to use Equipment Breakdown. More importantly, Kasumi protects you from a number of Disasters and Power Cards that target Equipment and this may be the only card that will save you from Miss Hinako. Having this card is like carrying insurance, without the premiums or the salesmen.

Scan of 'Control Cube' Ani-Mayhem card

8. Control Cube

The only thing, outside of Washu, that's guaranteed to get you into Dimensional Locations. Plus, you can Equip anywhere. This is vital. Trust us.

Scan of 'Masaki Comes Visiting' Ani-Mayhem card

9. Masaki Comes Visiting

The Mother-In-Law from Hades. This is like having your very own Disaster, and your opponents will live in fear of you while you hold it.

Scan of 'Possession' Ani-Mayhem card

10. Possession

Good grief, the evil leer on Ryoko's face is enough to get this card on any top 10 list. Seriously, though, with all the uses and strategies surrounding Charm battling in ani-mayhem, sometimes it's a relief to get the niceties out of the way.

11. Reverse Attack

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Scan of 'Relaxing Hot Springs' Ani-Mayhem card

12. Relaxing Hot Springs

And finally, the sweet terrors of addiction. Effective play of this card requires careful timing since your Character must be on the same Location as your opponents to use it, and once you've shown this Global, your opponents wull avoid you like the emmissary from Molokai. Still, with proper timing this card can win you the game.

Scrye #18 February 1997 [pg. 105]