Ani-Mayhem Online

Clutch Cards for Ani-Mayhem Dragon Ball Z

by Tod Harrick

Here are a few Clutch Cards for Ani-Mayhem Dragon Ball Z.

Bump on the Head

This is the card I've been dreaming about for a long time. It is a Power Card players can use on Disasters that lets them play Disasters as their Characters. You can use just one as a "spoiler" or try to put together an entire Disaster team. It appeals to that evil side in all of us. (Key Suggestion: Dracula from Set 1... chaos ensues).


This is a bank for Flash Effects.

Scan of 'Refuge' Ani-Mayhem card


This is a basic card (+1 Energy), but you can have up to 6 of them in your deck and they provide raw fuel for all of the Energy driven Power Cards. and of course...

Scan of 'Spirit' Ani-Mayhem card

The Dragon Balls

There's a 1-Ball card, a 2-Balls card and a 3-Balls card. If you get a total of 7 Balls at one Location using any combination of these cards, you win instantly.

Scrye Volume 4.4 November 1997 [pg. 45]