Ani-Mayhem Online

Ed's Ani-Mayhem Bubblegum Crisis Solo Rules Variant

by Ed Hrzic

This is a variant on the Ani-Mayhem rules, dealing with the world of Bubblegum Crisis. I hope y'all like it, and any comments can be directed to "". Drop a comment or two by. This file is also be available at my home page.

The Cards

As part of this variant, only Bubblegum Crisis cards can be used. You are going to have to sort through your collection, and pick out the Bubblegum Crisis cards you have. Specifically, these are the cards that are absolutely required to play this variant:

At least 9 Characters, including the following: Linna Yamazaki, Nene Romanova, Priss Asagiri, and Sylia Stingray. At least 10 Minor Disasters, five must be Boomers. At least 5 Major Disasters, including Largo. 5 Items. 6 Locations. Genom Military Lab being 1 of them. is your Haven. At least 4 pieces of Equipment, including the following: Linna's Hardsuit, Nene's Hardsuit, Priss' Hardsuit, and Sylia's Hardsuit.

In all, you are required to have at least those 11 cards. The rest of the cards, and those in your deck, are up to you to include, but should have a Bubblegum Crisis or universal feel. (i.e. things like Flying Block to negate damage, or Medical Treatment) The deck size should be no larger than 50 cards, and no less than 40 cards. Place no Disasters, Characters or Items in your deck.


The goal of this particular variant is to destroy Largo. But before you do, you must access the various items and recruit more people before you can stop him. You have a time-limit of 20 turns to stop him from destroying all of Neo-Tokyo. Use a die or some other marker to keep track of your turns.


You will have to realize that the Locations are going to be set up in the following style:

                          2 3
                         4 5 6

Keep this in mind during setup and play.

Take the Item cards, shuffle them, and deal 1 face-down, in each of the Positions Two through Six. Take the Disaster cards, and remove Largo for the time being. Shuffle the Disasters. Deal 2 Disasters face-down each in Positions Two through Six. Now take Largo and place him face-down (or up, it doesn't really matter) in Position One. Set the other Disasters face-down in a pile to the side. This pile will be called Reserve Disasters. Take the Location cards that you have, and place Raven's Garage in Position Seven. Take the Genom Military Lab and place it in Position One. Place the others randomly in the other positions.

You begin the game with any two of the four Knight-Sabers (Sylia, Linna, Nene, or Priss), with their hardsuits. Take the remaining Characters, shuffle them together, and deal one face-down on top of the Locations in Positions Two through Six. Take the remaining Character(s) and place them aside; you won't be using them.

Your party begins in Position Seven, Raven's Garage. Your maximum party size is five (5).


There are five phases to this variant: Draw, Equip, Move, Recruit/Scavenge, Combat.

Draw Phase

If you have less than 5 cards in your hand, then draw until you have 5 cards. There is no maximum hand size. If you run out of cards, shuffle your Discard pile to make the new Draw Pile.


You may play any number of Equipments and Enhancements from your hand on your characters, provided that they are only at Position Seven, the Haven. Only one Global can be played per turn, but may be played at any Location.


You may move through the Locations based upon the lowest rated Character's Movement in the party. You may not enter Position One until you have collected and/or used all of the Items under the Location, and have at least four (4) characters in your party. Every second turn when you move to a Location, take a Reserve Disaster and play it against your party. If not defeated, and the part retreats, it will move toward Position One at the end of the Combat Phase.

Recruit / Scavenge

During this phase, you may either Recruit OR Scavenge, but not both.


When you arrive at a Location that has a character card on it, you can attempt to recruit the character into your party. To do so, select a Character in your party. Draw a Charm combat card for the selected Character and the one to be recruited. If your value is higher, the Character can then be recruited into your party. If not, you have to wait until next turn. If you fail a second time, then that Character is removed from play, and cannot be recruited. If you wish to have a Character leave your party, you must go to the Haven, and drop them off. You may return to the Haven and place them back into your party when you wish.


Make sure that you have the proper skills to Scavenge the Location. If you do, turn the first Disaster card over. If Combat is called for, follow the following phase.


In a Combat situation, the Disasters are going to attack you; they won't go after Items as in the basic rules. It will attack the weakest Character. Health is calculated normally. Up to 2 Characters can attack a Minor Disaster and up to 3 can attack a Major one.

Find out which Character that the Disaster will attack. Find out all Characters that will be involved in the battle. Draw a Combat card for the Disaster, and one for your party. Damage is inflicted normally between the Character attacked and the Disaster. The other characters that helped in the attack are not affected.

However, there is no "Bonking" in this variant. When a Character reaches 2 x Health in Damage, it is Killed, and sent to what is know as the Killed Pile. If a card refers to "Bonking", it now refers to being "Killed" instead. When a Character is Killed, its Items and Equipment are dropped below the current Location, and must be Scavenged for. Enhancements are discarded.

Getting to Largo

Once you have and/or used all of the Items, and have at least 4 Characters in your party, you may enter Position One. If it is impossible for you to have at least 4 Characters (through them getting Killed, non-recruitable, etc.) then you may go in with the number that you have, but only if impossible for you to do otherwise!

If there are any other Disasters at Position One, you must defeat them first. After that, you may fight Largo. If you succeed in defeating him, you win!

You lose if all of your Characters are Killed, or you run out of time.

Regardless of how the game ends, calculate your points according to the following chart:

1 Per card in your hand
1 Per surviving Character (in Party & Haven)
1 Per non-discarded Item
1 Per Minor Disaster defeated in Combat
2 Per Major Disaster defeated in Combat (except Largo)
3 For destroying Largo
1 Per five turns under the time limit
-1 Per character in the Killed Pile

See how many points that you can reach! Beat your own record! Try to spend your time more wisely by not playing silly CCGs!

And that be it folks!