Ani-Mayhem Online

Baby Gohan

Scan of 'Baby Gohan' Ani-Mayhem card

This little Gohan went to the Market, this little Gohan stayed home. Oops! Sorry, counting my toes again.

There are a lot of things you can do with "Baby Gohan". He's most worth while when one of your characters is gonna die. He has a little "moment" and then starts tearin down your opponent with the power of Piccolo. Another thing that could be used to your advantage is his urge to turn into a big Wolf. Be sure you don't have him around you when Full Moon comes out, but if he's right by your opponent, he might give them a few headaches. The last good thing about him is his Charm. He could put on the puppy eyes and go steal the last Dragon Ball.

Onto what sucks. 1 Attack. Ughh. This can be boosted by a variety of cards like Gohan is Angry... and Dodonpa. His Defense also bites a big Namek, but Chi-Chi is a little protective of him, so that won't be a problem. Overall, an ok card with a few good sides, and stinky stats.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission