Ani-Mayhem Online


Scan of 'Kami' Ani-Mayhem card

Well, this one came by request, and why not? This man is the king of Chi, and vice-king of Energy.

Lets go over the stats. 4 Attack - Great. 4 Defense - Great. So he's pretty loaded in the war department. Ok, 3 movement, pretty average. Charm, um, this is one ugly dude. He could lose to Baba. Then comes Energy, and he excels almost all on this.

Ok, on to skills. This guy only has four, but they are all pretty good. Chi x3. This is truely awesome. He has the highest Chi and second highest Energy (tie) in the game. Hmmm... isn't there some card that could work with this?. Anywho, Flying is pretty much a staple on most Dragon Ball Z cards. Magic is good to have, and Splitting is good for Split Form.

Most crappy cards are good up to this point, and then say "You must do 40 pust ups in 10 seconds, or you lose the game" in reeeealy small print. Kami is a defenite exception. +1 Energy to all Characters in same Party. Now one would think that the best use for this would be Genki-Dama. It is a great combo, but what I have found it most useful is for Shinseiju Tree. This Minor Disaster is a pain, but with "Kami" out, it just seems so easy! Overall, a near perfect card, only downside being that he's uglier than dirt.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission