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Makoto Mizuhara

Scan of 'Makoto Mizuhara' Ani-Mayhem card

This personally is another one of my favorites. Now he's definitely not that great to begin with.

His skills are somewhat decent. Having Student makes him subject to a few Disasters but nothing too serious. Savior-Faire doesn't add much, neither does Blind Luck. Each has a few Locations that they can Scavenge, but he has them more for story purposes than anything. His best skill is Royalty, with it he can use Palace Guards, Tenchi the Master Key, and some others.

His stats are low as well. With only 1 Attack and 2 Defense he won't be hitting much or taking much damage. His best ability is charm. At 5 charm he can win the majority of his charm battles, which would help divert some attacks from him.

Scan of 'Ross' Battle Suit' Ani-Mayhem card

His special ability is his best feature, he can use any Equipment. Sadly there's not many Equipment that are really that hard to meet the requirements for. The best equip for him in my opinion is Ross' Battle Suit, which normally requires Pilot or Police. It increases his stats to 6 Attack and 4 Defense, making him more average as a fighter. The suit also has 8 Health instead of 4, so it's a good bumper between hard attacks and Makoto's meager Health. As I said before, there isn't a big selection that he can use that requires his ability. Kai's Dimensional Sedan is another one that usually requires Royalty and Driving. Though it's really only good when playing with Dimensional locations. Good support with him is Gohan is Angry... due to naturally low Attack, and thankfully he has some Energy to use it with already.

His last ability, he can Charm battle for Ifurita's Power Key Staff. While you will probably never use this ability, it's fun to use when you have the chance. If your opponent has the Key Staff you can Charm battle him, and will most likely win due to Makoto's high Charm.

While not the strongest character, with Ross' Battle suit, he has 6 Attack, 4 Defense, 3 Movement, 5 Charm, and 2 Energy. So for people that just like his character, he can be a decent fighter with the right Equipment.

- by Jeremy Setty

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Written for Ani-Mayhem Online