Ani-Mayhem Online


Scan of 'Nail' Ani-Mayhem card

Here's the runt of the litter as far as Nameks go. Far from weak, this guy is a pretty average card in Set Two, and a little above average overall. Let's check him out.

As usual, we'll start with his stats. He's got a pretty good 4/4 Attack/Defense, but this is true in a lot of Set Two Characters. Movement of 2, uh. This really sucks. This could really slow down the group he's in, and that could be a problem. In the pretty compartment, none of the Nameks are pretty, and he's no exception. A little uglier than Piccolo, but then, Piccolo's Piccolo. And then we come to Energy. He's a little behind the other Nameks in this section too. 4 Energy is good, but not extra special.

So, what is this guy good for? Well, let's check out his skills. Wow, he has Flying. Surprise, surprise. Military and Police are next to useless, unless your playing a Dominion deck or something. Weapons is ok, he's the only other DBZ Character that can hold the Rocket Launcher. This could be useful, but kinda limited. Then he has splitting, which is good for Split Form.

So what we have here is a pretty ordinary-joe Namek, nothing more than Piccolo food ^_^.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission