Ani-Mayhem Online


Scan of 'Piccolo' Ani-Mayhem card

And then we have Papa Namek. This guy wails. He's big, bad, ruff, tuff, and all of the above. He excels in almost every category. He is just plain power. Almost a perfect card. But we'll get to that.

Stats, stats, stats. This man (er... Namek) is loaded. 5 Attack and Defense is awesome, and up there with Goku and Adult Gohan. A pretty average Movement of 3, so he can keep up. As usual, he is ugly, but not as much as Kami or Nail. And then there's his energy. Bam! 7 Energy, being the highest in the game, is really powerful, especially with a bad boy such as "Piccolo". All in all, this guy is the bomb.

Think they used enough room for skills? This man is, again, loaded. Lets check them all out. Martial Arts, of course, is a good thing to have, since a lot of Locations in Ani-Mayhem need it. Strength x2 is another no-brainer. Just look at those green biceps! Flying - duhee. Teacher, this could get him in trouble with a few Disasters, but it could really help him with a few cards like Mother Instinct. Speed is good for, well, a lot of things. Shape Change is good for Regeneration and Split Form. Then we have Streetwise -1, but that's ok, we don't care how smart he is. Once again, this guy is the bomb, no doubt about it.

Then we move on to his game text. I know it's long, just read it. Ok, so he has to guard Gohan, and can't attack Gohan. This could be a problem, but that's what Goku is for, to attack his own son. Then there's that little thing about gaining half the Attack, Defense, and Energy of Nameks, but that's nothing huge, but Piccolo will be. With a few Medical Regenerators and Immortality, Piccolo will be a "god". And that's always a plus.

So, is this guy worth buying 400 packs of DBZ to get? Probably, but try buying one at a time first. He is soooo close to being perfect, but his Charm brings him down a little. Too bad.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission