Ani-Mayhem Online

Bump on the Head

Scan of 'Bump on the Head' Ani-Mayhem card

Bwahahaha. This card is majorly good. The ability to take control of any combat Disaster on the field (most disasters have better ability's than regular characters) would be devastating to your opponent. So what if only two of them can work in a battle together. You would probably want to team them up with some of your best characters, anyways. Here's some great disasters to play with:

Tank Special

Attack = 4; Defense = 8; Movement = 5. Text: Health is 4. After Tank is defeated, blocks Location for 3 turns. A pretty good Minor Disaster to take, but only has health of 4.

Bogrom Horde

Attack = +2; Defense = +3; Movement = 3. Text: Attack and Defense = number of Characters at location, plus above bonuses. With all 6 characters at one location, this could kill almost anyone.

Natsumi and Karume

Attack = 6; Defense = 6; Movement = 4. Text: No access to any Havens or any Cooking Location. Discard any 1 piece of food to defeat. Pretty good, but she's so dang hungry!

And one of my favorites...

Jinnai's Strike Squad

Attack = 3; Defense = 3; Movement = 1. Text: Strike Squad gets Attack and Defense +1 each time they move. Goku Man's Strike Squad!

As you can see, a very cool card. Just plain old fun to play with, and one of the best cards in Set Two.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission