Ani-Mayhem Online


Scan of 'Immortality' Ani-Mayhem card

*Dum Dum Dum-Dum Duum Dum-Dum Duum Dum Dum* THE card has arrived.

... or so people think.

Everyone wants to get their dirty little paws on this card. Yes, a pretty good card, but not worth buying 3 of the same movie to get three. This card is so worked up that everyone is out to get it. Or is it worth it?

Well, at first glance, this card is awesome. Your character won't die! It's great! But then, sometimes it's not so great. Not as in bad, but in not that useful. If you have a Tofu out, this card is vital. If you want to do that stupid "Piccolo the God" trick, this card is also pretty darn good. But in the average deck, you usually have some 2/2s and some 3/3s. Now it's kinda nice to have them keep coming back, but is it really worth a card slot? I'd much wrather have something like Tsunami or an extra Who Sows the Wind in a small deck. And anyways, big Characters usually don't get killed, they usually get bonked. It's pretty darn hard to get through their armor and health, and then to get double it is near impossible. Overall, a very good card, but far from perfect.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission