Ani-Mayhem Online

Gohan is Angry...

Scan of 'Gohan is Angry...' Ani-Mayhem card

A very good card, that is pretty verstile. It's not as verstile as, say, Mother Instinct or Who Sows The Winds, but when your opponent doesn't see one (or two!) of these coming, they could be in for a hurtin. Combine these with Who Sows the Wind, and the 4 - 10 damage will most likely Bonk them, or maybe even Kill them. Some other cards to match it up with is Bubbles, since his Attack is zip, but +1 Attack and Defense to each of your Characters in a party is pretty good, so he needs some punch. He would need a Spirit or two, but you can have 6 of them, so don't fret. Yet another card that is pretty great to use with is Baby Gohan (Hmmmm, Who's that in the picture?). Since he gets + 3 attack if one of your characters is about to bite the bullet, and Gohan is Angry... says base Attack, this could be very deadly. He grows bigger than his Were-form!

Now for some downsides. Most crappy Characters have no energy, so this could not help them unless you have a Spirit. The other thing is that it's only for one round. This might not be that bad, but if you don't kill that Freeza (1st form) or Vegeta, you could be in for a bashin. Overall, a pretty good card, great with a little chump who has a reeaal short temper.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission