Ani-Mayhem Online

Power Up

Scan of 'Power Up' Ani-Mayhem card

Well, I had to do this card, considering that I finally got it out of the 400 packs of Dragon Ball Z I've bought. And my friend always said that Goku was the best for it. I never took time to really read the card, so I thought he was right. Think again. So what if Goku is on the picture? It's the Chi that counts. Sure, Super-Saiyan (Goku) can whoop up with this card every three turns (after Goku's been Bonked three times, by the way), but there is a much easier way. Kami is the key here. With a starting Chi of 3, he can get it up to 6 with Good Deeds. x8 with three Leap Of Faiths. Add 6 Spirits and you have your self a ... wait a sec ... I suck at math... bam! A big 'ol 100/100 character. Now watch you draw a Be With You... :-(. Anywho, Piccolo would have been the ideal choice, but he dosn't have Chi! :-(. "Super Saiyan (Goku)" is pretty darn good too, but pretty darn hard to pull off. Overall, an awesome card.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission