Ani-Mayhem Online


Scan of 'Vegeta' Ani-Mayhem card

This is one of my top 3 Disasters. Besides just being an overall cool character, his stats help back it up. Without transforming he's at 8 Attack and 9 Defense. That's not too far behind Freeza and other really strong Disasters. He also has 5 Energy, which would only be useful if you (or your opponent depending on who's fighting Vegeta) plays some support for him. There's also the chance that he would get lucky and get the Combat card Pummel, which would add a total of 9 to his Attack for a grand total of 17. His transformed state if what you should look out for. His stats boost to 11/13, but he only transforms if either Full Moon is in play, or if you (or your opponent) can play False Moon, which is always fun to do to someone fighting Vegeta. I really like his ability, now he probably won't get to use it too many times, if at all, but if he gets lucky on Combat cards or his transformed state he could potentially build up a good arsenal of Enhancements. Overall a great Disaster.

- by Jeremy Setty

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Written for Ani-Mayhem Online