Ani-Mayhem Online

One World

Scan of 'One World' Ani-Mayhem card

Not many Disasters have a versatile use within a main deck, or should be put there for a specific purpose. Considering competitive play, cards like Bump on the Head get tossed out, so how can you interfere with your opponent while maintaining order on your side of the board? One World. This nifty Minor Disaster from Set 1 can spruce up a game and allow you to use specific Characters for your own needs rather than to gear up for that showdown with the opponent. "How so?", you may ask. Well, here is the rundown of why this may be one of the most useful, if not, THE most useful, Disaster you can play within your deck.

One World uses the values of a deck, like its Character, Equipment, and Location base, and uses it against the opponent by allowing you to set your deck up for the best possible win condition. This is especially true since the introduction of Dragon Ball Z into the game. Dragonball wins can usually occur within 4-7 turns using One World. Since you can Scavenge only your own Locations, pick the best possible setups for your Character and Location balances. Toss in a few recycling deck cards like Angel of Mercy and Rescue and you should have a deck capable of controlling the opponent in the long run. Use a splash of damaging cards like Wrath of the Eye of God and Back to Reality and you can destroy their cards as well as force them to put cards from their hand into their discard pile. This allows a swift and controlling mid-game with little opening for a very competitive late-game. All of this becomes possible with the ability to reveal "One World".

All in all, your possibilities are endless with this nifty Disaster card. Use it to your advantage and spruce up your decks to revolve around it, after all, your ability to control your opponents are what you are really after.

- by Nick "SuperRyoga" Szankovics