Ani-Mayhem Online

Pummel / What'd YOU have for lunch?

Scan of 'Pummel / What'd YOU have for lunch?' Ani-Mayhem card

Wow. Power. This card is full of it. When Set One came out, Desperate Shot was pretty darn popular. +4 to your Attack could Kill almost any opponent. But when this baby hits the table, watch out. In effect with no-Energy Characters, it still adds a big 'ol punch to their Attack. But with some big Energy Characters, like Goku, Adult Gohan, Tien (Tenshinhan), and *shrudder*, Kami and Piccolo, this card is devastaing. Lets see here. With "Piccolo", that'd be +11, to make him a whoppin 16 Attack. So a killer card, at least.

And then on to the Charm part. Rather bland, but then again, most Combat Cards are. Subtract 2 from Charm. Wow. Boring. Of course, any Combat Card that does something like this to the Attack of a Character, has to take away from some aspect. And Charm be it. And that's rather, um, not good. Most DBZ Characters have a Charm of 2 or less, so it's not going to be a pretty picture when you pull this out. So, overall, a semi-balanced card, and you can never count on it, obviousley, because it's a Combat Card.

- by goku_man

Reprinted without permission