Ani-Mayhem Online

Official Ani-Mayhem Errata and Explanations June 18, 1998

Version 1.1 (last modified 6/18/98)

Errata are typos. Explanations are to be read within the context of the card and are meant to clarify, not replace, card text.

This document is best understood in conjunction with the Official Ani-Mayhem Guidelines document.

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If a card has both an errata and an explanation, both will be found here.

Charge / Scandal
Issue: "Add +3 to your Defense." Icon is Attack.
Explanation: Should be "+3 to your Attack."
Hammer / Lover's Kiss
Issue: "Reduce Defense by -1."
Explanation: Should be "Reduce Opponent's Defense by 1." Contrary Hammer / Lover's Kiss's will result in no change in Defense.
Panic / Enchanted View
Issue: "Reduce Defense by -3."
Explanation: Should be "Reduce your Defense by 3."
Miss Hinako
Issue: "Will Attack Ranma first, if in play."
Explanation: Should be "Will Steal from Ranma, if in Play." So instead of affecting the first Character along Disaster's movement path, Disaster will affect Ranma and then be Discarded.
Royal Painting
Issue: "...enter City of Foristica...."
Explanation: Should be "...enter City of Floristica...."
Floristica Marketplace
Issue: "Streetwise or Phase" vs. "Survival or Phase"
Explanation: Should be "Streetwise or Phase."
Genom Tower
Issue: "...Strength 4+"
Explanation: Should be "Strength & Attack 4+": one Character must have a Total Attack of 4 or greater; the Group must have Strength.
Survival Shot
Issue: "...Streewise..."
Explanation: Should be "Streetwise."
The Masaki Van
Issue: "Movement +3"
Explanation: Should be "Movement 3."
Juraian Battlesuit
Issue: "2 Energy cost to use." Energy icon is +2.
Explanation: Energy icon should be 2.
Equipment Breakdown
Issue: "Choose 1 peice of Equipment to be discarded."
Explanation: Should be "...piece...." Can be used on Opponents' Equipment.
Issue: "Causes opponent to be at -1 Attack and -2 Defense...."
Explanation: Should be "-1 to Opponent's Attack and -2 to Opponent's Defense...."
Wrath of the Eye of God
Issue: "Destroys any card in play except Havens."
Explanation: Should be "Discards any card in play except Havens."
Computer Link
Issue: Shouldn't this card have a Dimensional symbol?
Explanation: Yes; pretend it does.
Tracer Bug
Issue: Can I use this infinite times?
Explanation: Some text was left off. The rest of the card should read "Uses: 3. Cannot be used on another Tracer Bug."
Issue: Unlimited Uses?
Explanation: Additional text should read "Limit 1 Use per Turn; Use affects entire Group."
Issue: "Will not be Attacked while another Character is at her Location."
Explanation: Should be "Will not be Attacked while in a Group of 2 or more."
Princess Snake
Issue: What are her Transformation stats?
Explanation: Attack 7, Defense 7, Movement n/a, Charm n/a.
Demon Hordes
Issue: "Attaches to first Demon, Horde, or Undead Disaster...."
Explanation: Should be "Attaches to first Demon, Horde, or Undead Combat Disaster...."
Issue: "Gives access to 'Kame House' Location."
Explanation: There currently is no Kame House Location.
Capsule Corporation
Issue: "A Player who enters this Location...."
Explanation: Should be "A player whose Characters Start Scavenging this Location...."
King Kai's Planetoid
Issue: "...Strength (4+)..."
Explanation: Should be "Strength & Attack 4+": One Character must have a total Attack of 4 or greater; the group must have Strength.
Weighted Clothing
Issue: "...add +1 to Attack and Defense."
Explanation: Should be "...add +1 to Attack, Defense, and Movement."
Rocket Launcher
Issue: "+4 to Attack." Icon is +3.
Explanation: Should be "+3 to Attack."
Issue: "Each successive Round Character remains out of Combat...." Also, when do you Play this card?
Explanation: Should be "Each successive round Character does not Attack or Protect...." Play Flash Effect during first Combat round you want to use for storing Energy. Flash Effect remains in Play until Attack used or Combat ends.
Ultimate Sacrifice
Issue: "Kill 1 Character to destroy 1 Combat Disaster."
Explanation: Should be "Kill 1 of your Characters to Destroy 1 Combat Disaster."


Cards with errata are found above.

Dailey Wong
Issue: "Cancels Red Tape Disaster."
Explanation: Character Cancels Disaster for all players. If Red Tape is drawn, it is immediately Discarded and the Draw phase continues.
Dr. Tofu
Issue: "While with a group, no Character can be Bonked or Killed."
Explanation: Tofu himself can be Bonked or Killed.
Mr. Masamichi Fujisawa
Issue: "Super-strength off Earth...."
Explanation: Only Shinonome High School is part of Fujisawa's Earth.
Issue: Do Disaster Boomer effects affect Sylvie?
Explanation: Yes. So Quincy will give Sylvie +2 to Attack and Defense.
Gas Attack / Incomparable Beauty
Issue: "Opponent has no action this round."
Explanation: Opposing Character/Disaster has no action. Defense / Charm is +0, not 0.
Stomp / Cool Dude
Issue: "Add +3 to Attack. Effects entire group."
Explanation: Character's / Disaster's Attack increased by 3 and Total Attack affects entire Opposing Group.
DD J1 Battlemover
Issue: When during 3rd round does Disaster denotate? What does "destroying everything at Location" mean?
Explanation: If Disaster is not Defeated after second round of 2 or less Health, Disaster will immediately detonate. All cards, including those not in Play, at Location (not including the Location itself) are Destroyed.
Everyone's After Me
Issue: "All Disasters immediately move to this Location." Why is there a Movement of 4?
Explanation: If Disaster is Scavenged, all Disasters on the Field teleport to Scavenged Location. If Disaster drawn, it will Move 4 Locations and, if applicable, then its Special Ability will result in all Disasters on the Field teleporting to that Location.
Galaxy Destroyer
Issue: " removed from game. Discard everything at Location."
Explanation: Above Location is placed in Destroy pile. Everything else on / at / under Location is Discarded.
The Demoness Ifurita
Issue: "After 1 Combat round, Ifurita's attack equals that of all Characters Attacking her combined."
Explanation: At the beginning of Combat, Disaster's Base Attack is 5. For subsequent rounds of the same Combat, Disaster's Base Attack is equal to the sum of the Total Attacks of all Characters Attacking her that round. (So you must determine the Characters' Attacks before you can determine the Disaster's.)
The Mass
Issue: "Duplicates most recent Disaster.... Repeats twice for 2nd & 3rd most recent Disasters...."
Explanation: When The Mass enters Play, note the previous three Disasters that entered Play. The Mass will duplicate the last Disaster to enter Play, then when Defeated The Mass will duplicate the Disaster before that, followed by the Disaster before that. (So "The Mass" will not duplicate Disasters that enter Play after The Mass enters Play.) If less than three Disasters have entered Play when The Mass enters Play, The Mass will duplicate correspondingly fewer times
Issue: "Cancels 1 Boost per Combat...."
Explanation: At the beginning of Combat, 1 random Power card from those affecting Combat is reshuffled to Draw pile. If there is no such Power card at beginning of Combat, the first Power card during Combat to do so (e.g. a Flash Effect) is reshuffled.
Akane's Cooking
Issue: "Characters...unable to do ANYTHING...."
Explanation: Affected Characters are unable to Attack, Scavenge, Protect, Move, Drop Items/Equipment, etc., but they are able to Run Away from Combat and to defend with all Defense modifiers. (I.e. an affected Character with a Total Defense of 3 will not be Damaged by an Attack less than 4.) Affected Characters do not draw a Combat card.
Akane's Rage
Issue: "Attacks nearest male Character."
Explanation: Disaster will Attack males at Location before females.
Issue: "...most powerful Character..."
Explanation: The most powerful Character is the one with the highest Base Attack; if two Characters have the same Base Attack, then Base Defense is the determinant, followed by Base Energy, Base Movement, and Base Charm, respectively.
Class C Female Boomer
Issue: "Steals 1 Equipment and runs."
Explanation: Disaster immediately takes 1 Equipment from Characters at Location and Moves its full Movement.
Have a Nice Trip
Issue: "Reshuffle nearest combat suit back into your draw pile."
Explanation: "Your" refers to the owner of the combat suit card. "Nearest" refers to the closest in regards to the normal Disaster Movement path. Linna's Hardsuit, Nene's Hardsuit, Mackie's Battlesuit, Ross' Battle Suit, Sylia's Hardsuit, K-12 Battlesuit, and Priss' Hardsuit are the only combat suits in sets 0 and 1.
Juraian Guardians
Issue: "Bonked Characters are jailed until...."
Explanation: Jailed Characters remain at Location where jailed, can perform no actions, and cannot be Attacked. When jailed Characters are freed they are not Bonked.
Kodachi Kuno (The Black Rose)
Issue: "Moves immediately to...nearest Combat Disaster and allies with that Disaster."
Explanation: Kodachi teleports to first Combat Disaster along Kodachi's Movement path. The two Disasters Move as a Group, with Kodachi essentially tagging along with the other Combat Disaster. An Attack on one Disaster will bring retaliation from both. Priority (such as Movement direction or who first takes an Item) goes to the other Combat Disaster, not Kodachi. If the other Combat Disaster is defeated, Kodachi teleports to the current nearest Combat Disaster.
Lady Tokimi
Issue: "...prevents any type of Dimensional travel."
Explanation: Disasters can still Land on or Pass over Dimensional Locations.
Najato (Phantom Prince)
Issue: "Diverts Attacks to nearest opposing Character. Nanami, Genius or Blind Luck cancels this ability."
Explanation: Disaster cannot be Attacked unless Attacking Characters have (any) Nanami Jinnai, Genius, or Blind Luck. Initiating Combat on Disaster is equivalent to Initiating Combat on Opposing Characters at Location or results in no action if no Opposing Characters are at Location.
Red Tape
Issue: What happens if Disasters are drawn?
Explanation: Drawn Disasters are put to the side until all players have the number of non-Disaster cards they started with in their hands. Drawn Disasters are then reshuffled into respective Draw piles.
Tatewaki Kuno
Issue: "Attacks nearest female Character first then males. Removes defeated opponent from play for 3 of your Turns."
Explanation: Disaster will Attack a female at Location first. If female is Bonked / Killed, Disaster will attack a male. A Bonked / Killed Character is considered Defeated.
Floristica Palace Room
Issue: "1 Character from this Haven may add the Royalty skill any given turn."
Explanation: "From this Haven" refers to all Characters of the player whose Character(s) control the Haven. The Skill may be added anytime and lasts until the end of the Scavenge phase.
Dimensional Sleep Chamber
Issue: "Travel to dimensional locations."
Explanation: Item gives Character Dimensional ability but does not let one teleport directly to Dimensional Locations.
Power Gem
Issue: "+1 to Energy stat...Ryoko's gains +1 Attack."
Explanation: Ryoko gains +1 to Attack and Energy.
Sexaroid Data Disk
Issue: "Defeats 33-S Sexaroid...."
Explanation: Item can be used by Character when 33-S Sexaroid is not on Character's Location. Item is not Discarded.
Bugrom Homeland
Issue: "Add stats to your own against adjacent Locations."
Explanation: Characters from this Haven add 5 to Group's Total Attack when Attacking an adjacent Location. Each Character adds 16 to Defense when being Attacked by adjacent Locations.
Crystal Tunnels
Issue: "Character(s) who cannot attempt location will be stuck 1 turn."
Explanation: If a Group Lands on Location and lacks the Skills to Scavenge Location, Group cannot Move for 1 Turn.
Galaxy Police HQ
Issue: "All Characters gain Police skill."
Explanation: All Characters from this Haven gain Police Skill or +1 to existing Police skill.
Planet Jurai
Issue: "With member of Jurai Royal Family...."
Explanation: Tenchi Masaki, Princess Ayeka, Princess Sasami, and anyone having the Masaki Skill is considered a member of the Jurai Royal Family.
Seito Bridge
Issue: "Using a Planetary Vehicle wrecks the bridge (Remove Location) and loses the vehicle."
Explanation: If the vehicle used for Scavenging is a Planetary Vehicle, then the Location is immediately Destroyed, and all cards at/on/under the Location are Discarded. (So you can't really Scavenge Location with a Planetary Vehicle.)
The Citadel
Issue: "Use Wrath of the Eye of God' up to 3 times."
Explanation: If Location becomes a Haven, player gains 3 Wrath of the Eye of God's. (Put a counter on Haven.) Wrath of the Eye of God is a Flash Effect which lets you Discard any card in Play.
Issue: Does jumping use up Movement?
Explanation: Jumping over a Location takes a total Movement of 1. You may not jump over an empty space.
Pass Around
Issue: "Use any 1 Equipment or Item carried by opponent."
Explanation: Treat Equipment / Item as controlled by Character with Enhancement. Dropped Equipment / Items will still return to original user after 4 Turns, but Discarded / Destroyed Equipment / Items will not. If Enhancement is Discarded, Equipment / Item returns to original user. If original user is not in Play when Equipment / Item returned, treat Equipment/Item as normal from then on. Controlled Item counts toward borrower's Item total.
Power Chi
Issue: "Use 3 energy to make 1 additional attack this combat round."
Explanation: Counts as an Attack bonus. 3 energy used every time "Power Chi" is used. Cannot be used more than once per Combat round. Draw a Combat card for each Attack.
Linna's Hardsuit
Issue: Is Flying skill a requirement or an effect?
Explanation: A Character wearing Linna's Hardsuit gains Flying Skill (or +1 to existing skill).
Mihoshi's Laser Pistol
Issue: Can you use Equipment more than once per Combat round?
Explanation: No.
Issue: What happens when Tsunami becomes a Haven?
Explanation: Haven still has Movement 3, but no Attack and Defense. Once a Haven, it can no longer be Destroyed or Discarded. Also, the Master Key is a requirement for Equipping Tsunami.
Female Jealousy
Issue: "No opposing female Characters can work together...."
Explanation: Two or more Opposing female Characters cannot Scavenge together or Combat the same Group.
Fire Shield
Issue: Can I use this on an Opponent's Character?
Explanation: No.
Pay Attention
Issue: "Immobilize any 1 Character or Disaster...."
Explanation: Has no action or Special Ability except Running Away. (Can still Defend.)
Issue: "Use 1 of Opponent's Characters...."
Explanation: Character and all of Character's possessions are completely controlled by player using Flash Effect. If Bonked / Killed, Character immediately returns to owner as Bonked / Killed.
Reverse Attack
Issue: "Reverse the effects of one Attack."
Explanation: One Character / Disaster is Attacked by the Total Attack he does in one Combat round. (E.g., X hits Y with an Attack of 9. Y hits X with an Attack of 4 and plays Reverse Attack on X. Result is X gets hit with an Attack of 13 and Y is not hit at all.) If a Reverse Attack is played on a Character with Stomp, Character is hit by (his Total Attack) x (Number of Characters Attacked).
Stand Up Straight
Issue: "Any Character at 0 is brought back to full health...."
Explanation: Flash Effect can be used on any Character with health less than 1.
Washu's Space Time Converter
Issue: "Immediately cancel the results of 1 combat."
Explanation: When played, Combat ends and all Bonked / Killed Characters and Defeated Disasters return to Location(s) of Combat with all Items, Equipment, and Enhancements (at same statuses) they had prior to Combat. Everything else remains unchanged.
Issue: What constitutes a use?
Explanation: Giving 1 Character the Cooking Skill for 1 Turn is 1 use. Preventing 1 Item or Equipment from being Stolen or Destroyed is 1 use, unless multiple Items / Equipment are being simultaneously Stolen / Destroyed (e.g., from "Largo"), which in that case is still only 1 use.
Masaki Comes Visiting
Issue: 1 use affects just 1 Group, right?
Explanation: Right.
Palace Guard
Issue: Who gets the bonuses and what exactly are the bonuses?
Explanation: Attack bonus is 1 x (Number of Havens in Play); Defense bonus is 2 x (Number of Havens in Play). Each of your Characters in a Group with Royalty Skill gains both bonuses.
Kozo Karino
Issue: "Remove food Items from game that Kozo comes in contact with."
Explanation: Food Items that Character has are immediately Destroyed.
Nanami Rokugo
Issue: Does "Nanami" refer to any Nanami?
Explanation: "Nanami" only refers to Nanami Rokugo (and not, for example, Nanami Jinnai).
Avoid / Overdoing It
Issue: "Subtract 2 from female's Charm." Whose?
Explanation: Subtract 2 from your Character's Charm.
Charged Up / Ogle
Issue: "...subtract 2 Charm." Whose?
Explanation: Subtract 2 from Opponent's Charm.
Bio Ball
Issue: "Incapacitates Character...."
Explanation: Character has No Actions.
Desert Skeletons
Issue: "Each Character at Location must combat this Disaster individually...."
Explanation: Only 1 Character may be in Combat with this Disaster at any time.
Fire Fight
Issue: "All Characters in play are delayed 1 turn."
Explanation: Characters in Play when Fire Fight first enters Play have No Action.
Surgical Laser
Issue: Can Characters not on Disaster's Location Attack back?
Explanation: No.
Vampiric Ambush
Issue: "...vampire will come back and pursue closest female Character in 2 turns."
Explanation: After 2 Turns of being Set Aside, Disaster enters at top right of its previous Movement path. From then on, Disaster will disregard Movement path and Move towards the female that is nearest at the beginning of its Movement.
Phantom Quest Corporation
Issue: When do you choose Character who gains Haven's benefit?
Explanation: After you reveal your starting Characters, pick one Character to gain Haven's benefit for the rest of the game (while Character is under your control).
Alarm Clock
Issue: "Use to Scavenge 1 Dream Location per game without meeting ANY requirements."
Explanation: Use Item to Scavenge 1 Dream Location. For the rest of the game that Item may only be used to Scavenge that Location.
C-ko Kotobuki
Issue: "-1 to all your Attacks. Counts as 2 Items for final Item tally."
Explanation: Any Character holding Item has -1 to Attack. Item counts as 2 Items (also increases total Items) when counting Items at beginning of Discard phase.
Issue: "Allows you to complete any Tree Location."
Explanation: May Scavenge any Tree Location. (Royal Trees of Jurai is a Tree Location.)
Data Stream
Issue: Who needs Computer Skill?
Explanation: Both; one Character must have Computer Skill to wear Enhancement, and the other Character must also have Computer Skill.
Ross' Battle Suit
Issue: "When Battle Suit has taken 8 points of Damage, discard."
Explanation: Battle Suit has a Defense of 4 and a Health of 8. Damage to Battlesuit's Health is permanent until Discarded.
I've Been Waiting for You
Issue: What's the duration?
Explanation: An opponent who is trying to Run Away will be prevented once, but may Run Away next Combat round.
Missile Walk
Issue: "Movement 4+."
Explanation: Character must have a Total Movement of 4 or greater.
Furry Eyes
Issue: What happens to Vehicle when Disaster leaves Field?
Explanation: Vehicle is Discarded.
Interdimensional Teleport
Issue: Can this be Used on Characters not at Item Controller's Location?
Explanation: No.
Happy Ending
Issue: "Owner wins any ties. If Disasters win the game by 1 Item, owner wins the game Instead."
Explanation: Controller wins rock / paper / scissors-esque ties and Charm ties. If Disasters win by Controlling exactly the number of Items they needed to win, the Controller of "Happy Ending" wins the game instead of the Disasters.
Issue: "Chiao-Tzu can paralyze one Character...."
Explanation: Paralyzed Character has No Action.
Issue: Can I have both versions of Goku in my deck?
Explanation: No, because both Character cards have exactly the same name.
Super Saiyan (Goku)
Issue: "If Goku is bonked but not killed 3 times...."
Explanation: If Goku is Bonked 3 times before being Killed, he can become a Super Saiyan. If Goku or Super Saiyan (Goku) is ever Killed, Goku must be Bonked 3 times again before he can become a Super Saiyan.
Super Saiyan (Trunks)
Issue: Can Future Trunks become a Super-Saiyan?
Explanation: No.
Double Blow / Gusto
Issue: "1 additional Attack this round. Draw another Combat card."
Explanation: Character does a second Attack on any Opposing Character / Disaster. Second Combat card only affects this second Attack.
Head Butt / Sad Eyes
Issue: "Your opponent gets an additional Attack this Round."
Explanation: Opponent does a second Charm Attack on any of your Characters. Opponent and target each get a Combat card.
Ooooh, I got me! / Tango
Issue: "Subtract your total Attack from your total Defense."
Explanation: Above number becomes your Total Defense, which cannot be less than 0.
Screwed / Hero
Issue: "Divide your Defense by 3 for rest of Combat."
Explanation: Follow conventional rounding: 0.5 rounds to 1, < 0.5 rounds to 0.
Issue: "Moves toward nearest Character. Pursues that Character thereafter...."
Explanation: Nearest Character in this case is the closest disregarding the Disaster's normal Movement path. While pursuing, Disaster has no normal Movement path but Moves directly toward Character.
Issue: "...unless freed by a Charm Attack > 5."
Explanation: Total Charm must be > 5 and must win Charm Combat. (Freed Character not Charmed by winner.) If Character-turned-Disaster is Defeated, Character is Discarded but returns to normal.
Issue: What can kidnapped Character do?
Explanation: Character has No Action and also does not enter Combat. Disaster's Movement not lowered by kidnapped Character.
Issue: "Takes and uses Enhancements from Character(s) he defeats."
Explanation: Disaster takes all applicable Enhancements he can use (rest Discarded); Disaster will not take Enhancements with finite uses.
Acid Head
Issue: Can you fight back?
Explanation: No. Characters may only Run Away or Protect. Disaster must be Held or must Attack 3 straight rounds to be Discarded.
Don't be a dummy
Issue: "Characters owning [Vehicles]...are Moved 1 Location to the left...."
Explanation: Characters in Vehicles are Moved left in regard to the Characters' Controller.
Issue: "...opponent is frozen until freed by an Attack > 10...."
Explanation: Frozen Opponent has No Action. If successfully Attacked by a combined Total Attack > 10, Opponent no longer frozen (no Damage from freeing Attack).
Issue: "...Character must leave the Group...."
Explanation: Character immediately Moves 1 Location any direction (does not use up Movement).
West Side City Hospital
Issue: "Characters...may be placed here immediately when Bonked."
Explanation: Bonked Characters are not Set Aside at all and have full faculties.
Ship's Auto-Toilet
Issue: " 1 Equipment as a Flash Effect."
Explanation: You may Use the Equipment once as if it were as fast as a Flash Effect.
Pendulum Training Room
Issue: "After Scavenging, draw 1 random previously discarded Combat Disaster. If you defeat it, your Characters add +1 Attack & Defense...."
Explanation: If you finish Scavenging the entire Location (i.e. no cards are left under the Location), then play (if available) 1 Combat Disaster from a Discard pile on Location. If your Characters ever Defeat the Disaster they gain +1 Attack & Defense.
Bump on the Head
Issue: "Attach to...Combat Disaster with combined Attack & Defense < 13 on the turn it comes into Play. Play as your Character for the duration of the game. Note: No more than 2 Disasters can act together at any time."
Explanation: Enhancement must be played during Equip phase. Disaster must have come into Play that Turn, and Disaster's Total Attack + Total Defense must be less than 13. If Disaster's owner is playing with more than one of the Disaster and Enhanced Disaster is Discarded, then Enhanced Disaster will be the first of that Disaster to be put into Draw pile and Drawn; Disaster immediately enters Controller's Haven. Disaster is regarded as a Character card possessing all Character faculties plus the Disaster's Special Ability, if any. Disasters without gender are neither male nor female. Disaster retains Categories. Disaster without Charm / Energy has Charm / Energy = 0.
Dream Mirror
Issue: How many uses?
Explanation: Equipment may be used infinite times to view the first Disaster at Location and to confront second Disaster first. Discard Equipment to view another player's hand.
Goz' Flying Machine
Issue: "Immediately Moves one Character two Locations in any direction."
Explanation: Cannot be Used on Equipment's Controller. Must be Used at Controller's Location.
Change Direction
Issue: "...Disaster permanently Moves in the opposite direction...."
Explanation: If Disaster Defeated and Disaster's owner is playing with more than one of the Disaster, then Disaster will be the first of said Disaster to be put into Draw pile and later Drawn; Disaster will enter at lower-left corner of Field.
Divert Attack
Issue: "Direct as many points in Damage as you expend in Energy from 1 Attack to any Character or Disaster at this Location."
Explanation: Energy used by a Character to defend 1 Character / Disaster's Attack is also translated to Damage as noted above. Must be played during same Combat round.
Issue: "Requires ESP Skill in play."
Explanation: One of your Characters in Play must have ESP Skill.
Shen Lon
Issue: What?
Explanation: There are two options, both of which result in no Scavenging your next Turn:
  1. Move 1 Disaster to any Location. Draw 4 cards, Discard any Disasters, and place rest on your Haven. Flash Effects, Enhancements, and Globals are stored as per "Refuge" (e.g. Globals must be Played during Equip phase before being Used).
  2. Take any card from your Draw Pile and Play it. A Disaster is treated as a Drawn Disaster; a Character goes onto your Haven.
Frothy Mugs of Water
Issue: Is it All Characters/Disasters in Play?
Explanation: Yes.
Issue: Can I Use this to Play more than one Enhancement per Equip phase?
Explanation: No.
Issue: Do stored Flash Effects go faceup or facedown?
Explanation: Facedown; they are not in Play until player flips them. If Refuge is Discarded, so are stored Flash Effects.
Final Stand
Issue: "Add 1 Health to all of your Characters...for 1 round."
Explanation: If Character not Damaged that round, extra Health lost next round.