Ani-Mayhem Online

Official Ani-Mayhem Guidelines June 18, 1998

Version 1.1 (last modified 6/18/98)

Note: The information in this document is meant to clarify and qualify the rules and gameplay of Ani-Mayhem. This document takes precedence over the DBZ rulebook but not card text. See the Official Ani-Mayhem Errata and Explanations document for specific card explanations.

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  1. Combat

    1. Characters are always able to defend, even if they are unable to do "anything." (Defending is not an action anyway.) [e.g. Baby, Fire Fight, Ebi-Furiya]

    2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, characters can always Run Away from Combat, even if they are unable to do "anything." [e.g. Baby, Fire Fight, Ebi-Furiya]

    3. Unless explicity stated otherwise, "Attack," "Defense," etc. refer to Total Attack, Total Defense, etc. [e.g. The Demoness Ifurita, Ginyu]

    4. During Physical Combat, draw a Combat card for every Attacking Character/Disaster.

    5. Total Attack, Defense, and Charm cannot be less than 0.

  2. Characters / Disasters

    1. If the Special Ability of a Character/Disaster with Movement is not applicable (e.g. Characters without any Equipment are at same Location as Class C Female Boomer), then said card ignores its Special Ability until it is applicable (e.g. Class C Female Boomer will Attack if provoked or if a Character has an Item).

    2. (modifying p. 22) When a non-Combat Disaster without Movement completes the action (including Turn counters) described in its Text Box, it is Discarded. In the meantime, said Disaster can be placed Off the Field.

    3. A Disaster that has been Discarded is considered Defeated. A Character that has been Discarded is considered Killed.

    4. An Opposing Character cannot be forced to use a card with drawbacks. [e.g. Fire Shield, Panic Attack, Gohan is Angry...]

    5. Transforming Characters with alternate cards may transform anytime but have no action for 1 Turn. If you don't have the alternate card (which is put to the side and not counted in deck construction) Characters may still transform to change stats, but they will not have any Skills or Special Abilities. If a Character is forced to transform, he cannot transform back without a card that transforms Characters. You cannot have both forms of a transforming Character in your deck. [e.g. Washu and Little Washu]

    6. A Bonked Character is Set Aside for 1 of the Character's owner's Turns.

    7. Characters are free to Pick-up / Drop / Use / Transfer accessible Items / Equipment during any phase.

    8. Disasters don't Use Items' Special Abilities. [e.g. Power Gem, C-ko Kotobuki, Gohan's Supplies]

    9. A Character may only Start Scavenging once per Controlling player's Turn.

    10. When a Super Saiyan comes into Play, the Character he replaces is Set Aside. (Super Saiyan gains Character's Items / Enhancements / Equipment / bonuses.) When the Character replaces the Super Saiyan, said Character gets back his Items, Equipment, etc. If a Super Saiyan is Bonked/Killed, he is immediately replaced by the Character, who is then Bonked/Killed. [e.g. Super Saiyan (Goku)]

    11. Characters under your Control cannot Attack each other.

  3. Timing

    1. Flash Effects work in last-in, first-out order. (E.g. you can use a Wrath of the Eye of God to Discard your opponent's Wrath of the Eye of God before it takes effect.) If it isn't a Global Effect, isn't a Haven's ability, or doesn't say it's a Flash Effect, it isn't as fast. (E.g. "immediate" does not imply it's as fast as a Flash Effect.)

    2. Combat actions (i.e. Attack, Protect, Run Away) occur simultaneously.

    3. Consecutively Acting Commands (e.g. Drop, Move, Scavenge, Use Equipment / Enhancement, Drawing Combat cards) take place sequentially. (E.g. If a Character uses Pass Around to take your Control Cube, you can't Drop it to nullify Pass Around's effect. Likewise, you must use a Rocket Launcher before Combat cards are drawn.)

    4. Any player has the right to do a Consecutively Acting Command between Consecutively Acting Commands of a Disaster that has not just Stolen or another player.

  4. Items

    1. The game ends if 1 player or the Disasters as a whole Controls a majority of Items, 1 player Controls 7 Dragon Balls at one Location (with Kami, Guru, or Guardian of the Earth in Play), or all Locations have been Scavenged, at the beginning of the Discard phase. (Note: there will probably be an Item Tally phase in the next Rulebook.) If one Entity Controls a majority of the Items and another Controls 7 Dragon Balls, the player with the majority wins. If all Locations have been Scavenged, the Disasters win unless one and only one player has more Items than anyone else; then that player wins.

    2. A player must reveal which Characters have how many Items, but not the specific Items.

    3. Disasters Control Discarded / Destroyed Items.

  5. Discarded cards always go into the owner's Discard pile.

  6. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a non-Disaster card's costs only apply to the card's beneficiary. [e.g. Shen Lon, Destructo Disk]

  7. Unless explicitly stated otherwise or in capital letters, "All X..." refers to all X at a Location or all of a Player's X. [E.g. Nanami Jinnai, Unwanted Guest. Exceptions: Afura Mann, Miz Mishtal, Shayla-Shayla, Frothy Mugs of Water.]

  8. If a Location is Destroyed, the Location is put in the Destroy pile and all cards at/on/under Location are Discarded. A Location cannot be Discarded.

  9. Unless specified otherwise, a card that adds a Skill to one without said Skill can also give +1 to the existing Skill. [e.g. Galaxy Police HQ, A-ko's House, Training with Kami]

  10. If a Location becomes a Haven, it is treated as a Haven permanently, except that it can still be Destroyed (treat as a Destroyed Location) by Disasters already at the Haven or Scavenged. [e.g. The Citadel]

  11. If a player attempts to improperly use a card (e.g. using Wrath of the Eye of God on a Location), the card is not Discarded or Used—treat the card as if the player hadn't tried to use it in the first place.

  12. Rock / paper / scissors never ends in a tie. Keep playing until someone wins. [e.g. Alien Battleship, Jan-Ken-Pon]

  13. Card text pertaining to one specific card overrules conflicting card text pertaining to more than one card. [e.g. Chi-Chi won't attack one Gohan attacking another Gohan.]

  14. A Haven (not even a Location-turned-Haven) is not a Location.

Ani-Mayhem Game Terms


Simultaneously Acting Commands


Combat command.


Combat command.

Run Away

Combat command

Consecutively Acting Commands


A Character is Bonked if his Health is reduced to 0 or below, but less than the negative of his Base Health. A Bonked Character is Set Aside for 1 Turn and then returns to Play (Health restored) at his owner's starting Haven during the owner's next Equip phase.


To make invalid another card's effect; that card is Discarded.

Continue Scavenging

To bring into Play another card beneath a Location which someone Started Scavenging that Turn. Player must have had a Character at Location since Scavenging Started.


Disasters are not Bonked or Killed, only Defeated. A Combat Disaster is Defeated when its Health is reduced to 0 or below. A non-Combat Disaster is Defeated when the conditions on that card are met. Defeated Disasters are Discarded.


To remove a card permanently from the game.


To place a card into the owner's Discard pile.


To take a card from the top of your Draw pile.

Draw Combat cards

To Draw Combat cards for all those Attacking.


Items and Equipment may be Dropped any time; they go under a Location (and must be Scavenged) but stay on a Haven / Location-turned-Haven.

Initiate Combat

To declare Combat on Disasters or Characters.


A Character is Killed if his Health is reduced to negative his Base Health.

Land on

A Character is said to have Landed on the last Location / Haven he was on during his Movement phase. A Disaster Lands on a Location when his Movement runs out or something causes him to stop Moving.


To go from one Location or Haven to another Haven or Location.

Pass over

To Move onto a Location without ending your Movement for that phase.

Pick up

To take Items / Equipment at a Location / Haven.

Start Scavenging

To use your Skills, abilities, etc. to bring into Play one card beneath a Location.


To take an Item / Equipment from an Opposing Character / Disaster. A Disaster will not Steal if it already holds a Stolen Item / Equipment.


To move Items/Equipment from one Character or Disaster to another at same Location.


To use ability described in card text.

Basic Stats


Ability to inflict Damage.


Ability to prevent Damage from an Attack.


The number of Locations a card can Move each Turn.


Used in Charm Combat.


An expendable required by some Power cards.

Other Definitions

Base Attack / Defense / Movement / Charm / Energy

Stat without any modifiers (i.e. stat shown on Character card).

Charm Combat

Used to momentarily Control a Disaster/Character


A Character/player Controls something if he holds it or can utilize it. Characters Control Equipment, Enhancements, and Items. Players generally Control Flash Effects, Globals, Havens, Combat cards, and Characters.


The time it takes for a Disaster to make its way from where it starts on the Field to where it exits.


Total Attack minus Total Defense. Damage reduces a target's Health.


Characters need Dimensional ability to use Movement to Pass over or Land on Locations with Dimensional symbols.


Any card text specifying a cost for the player using the card.


The length of time a card stays in Play.


The Disasters as a whole or any 1 player.


All Locations in the game. (Don't count Havens.)

From this Haven

refers to all Characters of the player who Controls the Haven.


Characters Controlled by one player at one Location.


Base Health equals Base Defense. Bonuses to Defense do not increase Health. Health is immediately restored to full after Combat.

In the Game

All cards in Play, on Havens, in the Draw and Discard piles, and in players' hands.

In Play

All cards that affect the Field. Cards on Havens do not affect the Field and are not in Play.

No Action

Character / Disaster is only able to defend and Run Away from Combat. A.k.a "unable to do anything."

Off the Field

Not on a Location. Global Effects and some Disasters are Played Off the Field. These cards are still in Play.


The Opponents are the Opposing players. In Combat the Opponent is also any Opposing Character / Disaster being Attacked. Outside of Combat the Opponent is also any Opposing Character / Disaster.


Refers to anyone not under your Control.


Characters need Planetary ability to use Movement to Pass over or Land on Locations with Planetary symbols.

Set Aside

Not currently in the game.


Characters have Skills which enable them to Scavenge Locations, Defeat non-Combat Disasters, Use certain Equipment, etc.

Special Ability

Characters' / Disasters' ability / abilities described in card text.


A special type of Character that can be brought into Play only when stated on his respective card.

Total Attack / Defense / Movement / Charm / Energy

Base stat plus all added modifiers (including any Combat cards).


This consists of a player completing the three Maintenance and three Play phases.